Pastoral care

What do we mean by this?

In the broadest sense, Church of England parish churches have a duty of care for all who live within the parish boundary irrespective of their religious belief or practice.

It means that we take a deep interest in all that goes on in our parish – whether it is the future of the North End Market, the proposals for the Earl’s Court and Gibbs Green estates or the well-being and achievements of Normand Croft School. It also means that we are concerned in a practical way about the life issues of unemployment, housing and the well-being of migrant people; and it means that we offer such support and assistance to people and families at times of joy and sadness: births, baptisms, marriages and funerals.

Above all we pray for people and situations constantly and we welcome being asked to do so.

St Andrews also aims to be practical in the way they operate. We offer groups for children and carers, we have two youth projects which work both within and outside the faith community, we offer a welcome to an over 50's group, we host healthy eating session and we run our Homeless Project which feeds upwards of 50 people each week and offers space to shower. Our community cafe is a safe place to meet and many other groups deeply involved in human welfare use the space for activities around mental well-being and health. We are also active in visiting those who are most vulnerable in society - the lonely, those struggling with issues of mental or physical health and those in financial need. We make referrals to the local foodbank and link up people with support agencies.

If you are in need of support, or know someone who would appreciate this, please contact a member of the clergy.