Choir and music

Cancellation of Ely (2020) and Salisbury (2021) Cathedral tours due to Covid-19

Sadly, the planned choir tour to Ely Cathedral, which was to have taken place at the end of August this year, has had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the uncertainty over when choral singing can safely return to our churches and cathedrals. Equally sadly, we have also since learned that all planned tours to Salisbury Cathedral involving visiting choirs have been cancelled until autumn 2021 at the earliest. Thus, our tour booked for the late May bank holiday weekend in 2021 cannot now take place.

Return of Sunday Morning Choir

In addition to the planned return of the Evensong Choir, the Sunday morning choir has also resumed its music ministry following very similar safety guidelines to those detailed below. Unfortunately, the regulations still do not allow any singing from the members of the congregation!

Return of Choral Evensong

Risk assessments have been drawn up based on the latest advice from the government, the Church of England, and the Royal School of Church Music,.

Below is a summary of the key conditions that will be observed to try to keep everybody as safe as possible.

  • The choir will be limited to just 8 singers who will sing from seats positioned in a semi-circle at the front of the nave, just before the steps up to the chancel. The singers will be seated at least 2m away from each other, and from anybody else, and will sing towards the altar i.e. away from the congregation.

  • Cassocks and surplices will not be worn and the choir members will not process in or out of church.

  • Choir members will use only music that has been put out in advance specifically for them and will not share anybody else's music.

  • Music will be chosen that does not require the singers to sing too "full on" as this can increase the intensity of aerosol particles in the atmosphere.

  • Ventilation in the church will be improved by leaving the lych gate door open in the south aisle.

  • Members of the congregation are still not permitted to sing (Sorry!)

  • Members of the congregation (and the choir when not singing) will be expected to wear face-coverings.

Choir Tour to Ely 2022

Following the disappointment of the cancellation of our 2020 and 2021 tours due to Covid-19, our tour to Ely Cathedral is now re-scheduled for the weekend of 16th/17th July 2022.

Music at St Andrew's

By our Director of Music: Trevor Dawson

There has always been a choir at St. Andrew’s for as long as I can remember. I know, because I used to sing in it! Without giving away too many clues as to my age, we’re talking about the 60s here (that’s 1960s!) and I can remember there being about five others in the choir apart from myself.

Following my appointment as organist at the tender age of 14, the choir entered something of a “golden age” in terms of numbers and we had maybe 25+ young people on the books at any one time.

Coming more up to date, our choir has undergone quite a marvellous renaissance! Once a month, on the first Sunday, we sing choral evensong with a choir of around 25 choristers and are continually building upon our repertoire of liturgical music. The choir consists of singers with a distinguished background in music and keen amateurs. For our regular Sunday morning services, we are blessed by a smaller, but equally keen group of singers!

In recent years, the choir of St Andrew's has been invited to sing at various services, including the cathedral churches of York, Norwich, Chester, Wells, Southwell, Ripon, Bristol, Chichester and Christ Church Oxford.

If you are an amateur with an interest in music or a veteran chorister and would like to sing with us, we would love to hear from you!

Choral Evensong takes place on the 1st Sunday of the month at 6:30PM

Future Choral Events
(All begin @ 6.30pm)

Please note that, on account of space restrictions due to social distancing requirements, it will be necessary to register in advance your intention to attend either or both of these services. Please email Penny McCarthy on

  • Sunday 6th December Choral Evensong for Second Sunday of Advent

  • Sunday 20th December Christmas Carol Service

Both these services will also be live-streamed if you are unable to attend in person.

Sunday 6th December @ 6.30pm

Choral Evensong for the Second Sunday in Advent

Introit: People look East (French trad. arr. Barry Ferguson)

Responses: Smith

Hymn: O come, O come, Emmanuel

Psalm: Ps 40 vv 12-19

Canticles: Stanford in G major

Anthem: This is the record of John (Gibbons)

Hymn: On Jordan’s bank the Baptist’s cry (arr. Malcolm Archer)